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Sep 24 - School Photos

During the morning of Sept. 24, SC Photo will be here to take school photos.  If you miss this morning, you will need to attend one of SC Photo's retake sessions.  The retake sessions are all at the office of SC Photo.

Sep 23 - School Advisory Council (Parent Council)

All parent/Guardians of AMS students are invited to participate in our School Advisory Council on Sept. 23 from 7 - 8 PM.

Sep 19 - AMS Volleyball Tournament

Our Male and Female, Jayhawk Volleyball Teams will be hosting their annual tournament on Sept. 19th & 20th.  Let's cheer them on!

Jun 6 - Gr. 8 Blue and Gold Year End Social

In the evening of the 6th, Gr. 8 students will be having a social, celebrating their time at AMS and their transition to MHHS.

Jun 4 - School Visits

AMS gr. 8 students will be going over to MHHS for an orientation.  At the same time, gr. 6 feeder students will be coming to AMS for their own orientation. 


Upcoming Events

Sep 19 - AMS Host Volleyball Tournament
Sep 23 - Alexandra Advisory Council (Parent Council)
Sep 24 - School Photos
Nov 25 - Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews
Nov 25 - Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences
Nov 25 - School Advisory Council (Parent Council)


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